There are 4 pillars of the TTT program: 

1. Experience: Pratt's nearly 30 years of teaching a wide range of courses to over 20,000 students from the U.S. and 95 other countries. He's taken the most effective strategies from those decades of experience and brought them into the program. He is also constantly applying and refining those strategies in the courses he is teaching, so he can give teachers in the programs many examples of how the strategies can help students be more successful.

2. Science: Explanations and adaptations of the latest research on the neuroscience of learning and teaching, along with the most effective and proven evidence-based practices. Again, examples are given of how the research can be applied to a variety of courses and learning goals.

3. Examples: Case studies from past TTTeachers' successful applications of the program strategies and the outcomes they helped students achieve.

4. Coaching: Each TTTeacher gets both group and individual coaching to help them identify the most important learning/teaching goals and experiment with ways the program strategies can help them reach those goals.

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Boston, MA, USA

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